The relevance.

Apply this to AIM and Yahoo Messenger and this was my life..


"Hey, I found your blog on Tumblr-"


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Bus seats in Finland - for the unsocial people, like me.

Rule number one in Finnish public transport culture: Don’t sit next to anyone. Unless the seats are like this.In every other cases fill the spots from window seats. Then standing up seats. If the bus gets crowded sit next to someone but sit as far as possible from the other person and turn your head to look to the completely different direction. Don’t say a word. And if you’re the one sitting next to window pray all the gods that the other person leaves before you, because otherwise you’d have to speak to him/her. Usually it’s something like “Umm..ileavenow”. Remember, no sorries or smiles. Just say it as low and fast as possible without making any eye contact. 

legit advise for people visiting finland. that “ileavenow” is “mä jään täs” in finnish. it’s okay if you don’t pronounce it perfectly right because the only reason someone would talk to strangers in public transport is to ask them to move, so they will get the hint. 
BUT! usually just things like putting your phone away and rustling your bag and looking like you are about to leave will do the trick. no need for words.
….and this is how you wait for a bus in finland:

Reblogging because of that picture. So true. And familiar.

This is the most bizarre thing I’ve ever seen…what the actual fuck. It almost seems like a joke but I feel like it’s actually serious????

All of this is true for Sweden too. Except only some of the seats on some of the really old trams are like in the pic, the rest are “normal”.

my life is complete

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A look at my latest project! Scored a broken Gamecube from eBay for about ten bucks and transformed it into a purse. It opens exactly how you’d think it would!

I’m going to keep this original prototype since it has some cosmetic issues, but the plan is to eventually make these to sell! :3

i frickin love this post mainly because it’s such a cute purse but also because there’s a condom in it 

yay safe sex and also yay to cuties who make cute purses gettin in it

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No one can argue that his logic is sound… 

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Garden State (2004)

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I will never get tired of this picture

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